Channel your Divinity to the sounds of SOCA with this revolutionary dance workout!
Join us as we Pelt Waist, Wave Up, Whine Up and Jump Up!

Socanomics is a unique Soca workout rooted in the spirit of Caribbean carnival culture that seamlessly combines follow-along dance cardio and Choreography into one fun and energetic workout! 

 Rooted in its culture, Socanomics® transforms your normal workout into an epic fete and effective way of exercising.

Socanomics® is the perfect atmosphere for letting loose. Our welcoming philosophy eliminates pressure. This is for Designed for ALL LEVEL MOVERS. So release the idea that you have to be a dance expert to join our classes.
This is also a bold type of dance that will leave you feeling sexy and liberated. Remove all of your inhibitions and judgement of self and others.
Come sweat, laugh and fall in love with this fun & addictive Soca party. It’s a vibe. 

IGNITE The Bacchanal!

WE BELIEVE in the power and uplifting energy of Soca music 
WE SUPPORT the unleashing of Bacchanal
WE ENCOURAGE you to Throw Dat Bumpah and Don’t Hide it
WE PROMOTE No Behavior!
WE TRUST that the rhythm and movements will empower you to let go of your inhibitions
WE KNOW that Socanomics can change your Life!
The fitness focus is on cardio, core strength and a mind-body connection that translates into mental and physical freedom. We focus a lot on "whining" and infusing big aerobic movement. You’ll build endurance, increase your metabolism, activate your core, tighten and tone your legs and enhance your rhythm 

- Safe for all shapes & sizes
- High Intensity 
- Low Impact
- Improves retention and coordination
- Improves cardiovascular health 
- The most efficient and effective form of cardio is dancing!
- Improves neuromuscular system

- Burn up to 500 calories each class!
Selena Watkins is a renowned fitness instructor, creative artist, professional dancer and entrepreneur. 

This Women’s Health Magazine fitness champion and former Miss Black USA has helped thousands of women get in shape.
She graduated from Rutgers University with a BFA in Dance and Broadcast Journalism.

As the creator and founder of this very-hot Caribbean Dance workout, SOCANOMICS, Selena teaches where the energy calls! It is a dance workout that travels to major cities and regions, currently home based in Los Angeles and New York. It is also on-demand for those without access to Live Classes. 

She is a former SoulCycle Instructor, Founding Instructor of Studio Live Fitness app, a NASM certified Personal Trainer, a former NBA dancer for the Brooklyn Nets and Assistant Producer for the legendary radio station 98.7 KissFM. Selena’s cred literally jumps off the page. 

As a dancer Selena has performed on world tour with Nicki Minaj, and has taken the stage alongside Alison Hinds, Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Pharrell Williams and more. She was named Miss Black USA in 2012 and several years later, won Women’s Health Magazine’s 2016 Next Fitness Star. Selena's High Intensity Dance Cardio DVD is the result of the national competition. Her workout programs have also featured on Self Magazine and PopSugar.

Selena's fitness philosophy is that movement is essential to maintaining an excellent quality of life. With this action-based mindset and willingness to step outside of her comfort zone time and time again, Selena has become an inspiration to thousands of people.



J. Vargo-
After my first class I was not only hooked but an official devotee!

W. Colon-
Follow this amazing lady! Support fitness professionals who lead by inspiration not intimidation.

S. Kremenetsky-
In my first time taking Socanomics I felt a few different reactions. The first was joy. Joy of dance and of music and if feeling connected with rhythm. The music is auditory Prozac. Also the feeling I was learning to speak a different language with my body. What unites all dancers is that we believe in the power of nonverbal communication with the body and some of us even believe that body movement communicates more than oral or written language. This class taught me yet another language in which to communicate. I also found a reverence and respect for Caribbean dance and how truly multidimensional and complex it is. I loved that I was welcomed as a new dancer and was able to take breaks as needed and challenge myself. The non-judgmental and friendly vibe kept me positive and happy throughout the class. I also was surprised at how much I already knew from music videos and just being a general fan of dance. I would def take it again and again. 

This is great. Absolutely everyone from the novice to a seasoned amateur dancer can get something from this video. You can learn new steps and or just use it to keep up with the ones you've already mastered and layer new elements over top. And if you've never heard of Soca or think you can't dance to it, you can. The rhythm will lead you and then you will be hooked for life. I hate dynamic stretching but I find dance videos a very palatable way to keep my joints lubricated. Instructor is great too. No nonsense, no fake hype. Just her very likable self!

R. Santiago-
Your classes have inspired me so much! When I first started taking your classes, I used to get choked up listening to your inspiration. It has empowered me to really push myself in a way that I havent done before. Just want to thank you!!

S. Miller-
Selena is by far the most amazing and inspirational instructors I have had. As a survivor of so many difficulties in life, I truly could not have survived without her positivity, kindness and inspiration. Joy and optimism has come back to me thanks to Selena. And I strive everyday to be as amazing inside and out, as she is.

C. Cunningham-
I credit Selena in empowering me to move past my comfort zone and knowing that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to.

Before Selena’s classes, I always enjoyed exercise but was never “addicted”. For some reason I never found that one class or sport that kept me coming back. 

I can’t describe the high I feel while in class; I love to dance and there is plenty of dancing (to the best music!) but Selena also instills such a sense of purpose in us - she pushes us forward, and through whatever is holding us back. I tend to take her morning classes as afterwards I honestly feel I can take on the world,

Lastly, Selena is an absolute expert in creating a community within her classes. She introduces us to one another and before long we are saying hello to each other. Today, I have friends in class who I speak with throughout the week and see outside of class. Going to a class where your instructor greet you by name and with a huge smile is a great feeling. There is so much interaction on Facebook and Instagram between us all. Part of the reason we all love her so much is that she makes every person in the room feel like a Badass! 

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